Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Water efficient shower heads that give a great shower

One of our definitions of luxury is a great shower.

Mr Jones has been travelling a lot since we moved to Adelaide which means lots of nights in various hotels and some very ordinary showers.

About a month ago we were staying in a hotel and the shower was excellent, somehow misting the water intend of streaming it.  The result seemed to be better soaking and less air between the water jets.   We made a mental note of the shower head (must get one of those one day), but didn't pay close enough attention to brand etc.

This week our shower broke, so we thought we'd find one of these things to replace the shower head.

Off to Bunnings and we came across a thing called a Methven santinjet which looked a bit like it might be the thing we could vaguely remember.  We were surprised and more than a bit happy that the flow rate was 7.5L/min instead of the normal efficient 9.0L/min.  It was about double the price of most of the other ones ($100 instead of $50), but happiness is a great shower so we decided to take a punt.

We're not sure if it was the same one, but we're very happy with it and thought it was blog-worthy.  It's not only great shower, but uses 16% less water, which means you can save water or stay in longer.  Hooray.

This is them.  Ours is the generic looking round one.

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