Monday, September 29, 2014

Big plans

So all of the courses we've done tell us to step back, do a site analysis and think about things like infrastructure, prevailing winds, sun etc before racing in and putting things in the wrong spot etc.

It's spring so we can't stand waiting any more and have got our hands in the dirt.  But to put it all in context we thought we'd share our rough site analysis and rough plans.

Got any great ideas, let us know.  We might just try them out and tell you how they went.

As you can see the site is an odd shape, with buildings in odd spots and covered in an extraordinary number of large eucalypts.  From the main road, you can see our place form nearly a kilometre away because its the one with the outrageous amount of tall tree canopy.  How exciting.

Of course big trees provide challenges and opportunities so we'll be working through those and sharing some of the results.

The plans are evolving, but here's the rough mud map of what we're planning.  This seems to evolve daily, but here it is for now.

Anyway enough of the technical stuff, we'll be back shortly with ideas and experiments.