Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Zucchini Fritter stacks

Zucchini must be the easiest vegetable to grow.  I'm only just putting mine in now but my neighbours were kind enough to give me a couple of large ones (marrow) and a handful of grape tomatoes.  Lunch looked so good I thought I'd take a photo of what I often eat during the warmer months.

It's a very cheap meal to make, particularly if you've grow your own and have your own chooks.

Ingredients (12 fritters)

2 eggs
1/2 a small zucchini (or a slice of marrow if you've left it grow too long)
A spoonful of vegetable or chicken stock
Plain flour to thicken (amount depends on how wet the mix is)
Pinch of Salt and pepper


Whisk the eggs into a bowl
Add the grated zucchini
Add the seasoning (stock, salt, pepper)
Add flower until mix is stiff

Heat a pan to medium
Add a splash of oil
Add 1-2 spoons of mix per fritter
Flip when bubbles start to appear in the mix
Flip again when brown


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